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Chaos is a Go-based Swiss army knife of malware


Executive Summary The prevalence of malware written in Go programming language has increased dramatically in recent years due to its flexibility, low antivirus detection rates and difficulty to reverse-engineer. Black Lotus Labs, the threat intelligence arm of Lumen Technologies, recently uncovered a multifunctional Go-based malware that was developed for both Windows and Linux, as well as a wide array of software architectures used in devices ranging from small office/home office (SOHO) routers to enterprise servers. We discovered and analyzed roughly 100 samples of the malware, named Chaos by the actor, which was written in Chinese and leverages China-based infrastructure for...

New campaign uses government, union-themed lures to deliver Cobalt Strike beacons


By Chetan Raghuprasad and Vanja Svajcer. Cisco Talos discovered a malicious campaign in August 2022 delivering Cobalt Strike beacons that could be used in later, follow-on attacks.Lure themes in the phishing documents in this campaign are related to the job details of a government organization in the United States and a trade union in New Zealand. The attack involves a multistage and modular infection chain with fileless, malicious scripts. Cisco Talos recently discovered a malicious campaign with a modularised attack technique to deliver Cobalt Strike beacons on infected endpoints. The initial vector of this attack is a phishing email...

More Than Meets the Eye: Exposing a Polyglot File That Delivers IcedID


Executive Summary Unit 42 recently observed a polyglot Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (CHM) file being employed in the infection process used by the information stealer IcedID. We will show how to analyze the polyglot CHM file and the final payload so you can understand how the sample evades detection. Multiple attack groups such as Starchy Taurus (aka APT41) and Evasive Serpens (formerly tracked as OilRig, also known as Europium) have abused CHM files to conceal payloads...

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